Gift-in-Kind Partners

Financial gifts are wonderful and quite necessary to run any non-profit organization. However, there are other ways to contribute to our ministry work. Over the past few years, non-financial gifts have been received that have made a huge difference in our ministry. Here are some examples.

  • Large quantities of food have been sent to NVM. Food has been given in the form of prepackaged enriched meals and normal items that you would find in your super market. This food has and continues to feed our students and mission team members. And it is also held in reserve that will be used to help those in desperate need during a future disaster.
  • Large tents have been given to NVM that have been used by churches and mobile clinics.
  • Construction materials and equipment have been used to build housing units and operational buildings.
  • Medicine and medical equipment make it possible for NVM to run its health clinic and conduct mobile medical clinics in nearby communities.

The list goes on. Please talk to us about your non-financial gifts. What you have may be the answer to our prayers.


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Shoes for Haiti

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