Sponsoring Churches

The church in the United States is a mighty force. God has blessed the US church with resources and manpower. As churches come to NVM with the interest in establishing partnerships we stand ready to have those discussions. In the past few years we have had tremendous experiences with specific churches as we have partnered on specific projects. Buildings have been raised, clinics have been conducted, children have been reached and churches have been planted.

We are confident that works like these will continue and God brings churches to NVM. We have a vision that many partnerships will be formed with US churches to accomplish much in the country of Haiti.


EastPointe Bible Church


Oak Creek Community Church


Northview Church


Grace Point Church

Grace Point Church sends short term mission trips annually to support the work of NVM as well as supports the Campus Missionary Directors.

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Genesis Church


Grace Church

Grace Church exists to change the world, in Jesus’ name. Other organizations, like Nehemiah Vision Ministries, share in this mission by bringing healing to our broken world. In order to fulfill our purpose as a church and to engage our […] more »

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