Pillar Support

Administration and Mission Support

General Staffing

It is the goal of NVM to be Haitian run. This is true for the majority of NVM ministry operations. Currently there are a small number of volunteer staff members from the United States helping with operations. As the NVM ministry grows, so does the staff and infrastructure requirements.

In 2013, a new administration building was opened that serves as home for the staff and computer and phone equipment. It is a building that has greatly increased the workplace quality and resulting ministry output.

Warehouse and Supply Management

One of the significant aspects of the NVM ministry is the procurement and distribution of humanitarian aid. This aid takes many forms from food to clothing to medical supplies and more. Having a secure warehouse to store the aid between the time it arrives and is distributed is critical. The aid is ready when required. NVM also has a warehouse in Kirkland, Indiana. This facility serves as a staging area of materials that are ready to be shipped to Haiti, as needed.

Short-Term Mission Teams

The flow of mission team members coming to NVM is important. These individuals reach out to local communities providing medical care and other forms of aid. They also assist in the building and maintenance of the NVM campus. While the ultimate goals is to hire Haitians to do most of the building work, there are certain tasks that only qualified and experienced US team members can do.

Each year nearly 1000 mission team members come to Haiti and stay at the NVM team facility. This compound provides a safe and secure environment. The food is good, the water is purified and the buildings provide air conditioning. These team members go out into the communities to work and conduct clinics and also work on the NVM campus. It is hot in Haiti. And after a hard day’s work, it is important to have a place to rest.