Pastor’s Story

In The Spirit of NehemiahAaron Elliott was one of the first staff members from the United States to serve at NVM. After he returned home he sat down to document his experiences and thoughts in writing. The outcome of that exercise is the book, “In the Spirit of Nehemiah.”

Pastor Pierre has a very interesting story and a strong vision for the future. In fact, it was so strong in Aaron’s mind that it became the entire first chapter of his book. Pastor came from very humble beginnings and God has brought him through life and experiences and various educational opportunities to where he is today. We are sure you are going to find his story interesting.

Aaron has agreed to allow you to read the first chapter of his book at no charge. In fact, you will find the link on this page. Please take the time to read this story and to see what God has done and continues to do through Pastor Pierre’s life. And if you are left wanting more, we have included the link to Amazon where you can purchase Aaron’s book for yourself.

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