North American Church

We serve the North American Church

In North America there is a growing awareness of the role of the church in missions around the world. NVM wants to play a role in helping to increase this understanding. Churches are moving beyond just providing financial resources. They are beginning to understand that there is great power in sending people who will return with a new vision for what God is doing around the world and will ignite in others a passion for world missions.

We also want people in North American to understand how mission work can be done without causing harm. We want to help people strike the balance between giving and going with an attitude of helping those in other countries learn to care for themselves and to solve their own problems. And we see many becoming indifferent because they just don’t know what to do. NVM wants to teach people about God’s view of missions including the purpose of short-term missions. We want to encourage people to come alongside friends in other country as servants. We want to encourage people to learn from the nationals in other countries. One of our goals is to become a learning center to teach others how to do missions, to challenge them to come as learners and not just to get something done.