Bucket Brigade Campaign



Thanks to you all we were able to raise above and beyond our goal at $14,483.00!

Mesi anpil tout moun! (Thank you very much everyone!)

We have raised $14,483.00 of our $10,000.00  goal.

It has been a challenging season at Nehemiah Vision Ministries. Due to civil unrest we lost the majority of our teams and that means a 48% loss in income, and then we suffered a complete loss of our kitchen due to a fire...man that was a punch in the gut! But we know that God has a plan and the best is yet to come for NVM. We are ready to move onward and upward and we need YOU to be a part of taking NVM to the next season. 

We are creating a virtual BUCKET BRIGADE. "A bucket brigade or human chain, is an effective way to move items over long distances quickly with each person spending only a small amount of effort," will you add a few drops to the bucket? Goal $10,000 by July 31.

Each drop in the bucket will allow us to continue to invest into the children and families we serve in Haiti. NVM is making a difference because of you.