Haitian Staff Profile: Madame Claudie Civil

If you’ve even spent one day at NVM, you’ve most likely spent some time in our excellent cafeteria facility. Therefore it was probably Madame Claudie Civil, the Manager of the Kitchen Staff, who helped prepare and serve you the wonderful […] more »

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Haitian Staff Profile: Ricardo Revolus

Many staff members at NVM wear more than one hat, and Ricardo Revolus is a great example of someone who works hard in the many roles he has.  Ricardo is a Logistics Team Specialist, and spends most of his time assisting […] more »

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Haitian Staff Profile: Bruno Joseph

There is another member of the Haitian staff about whom you’ll be excited to know. Meet Bruno Joseph. He is one of the friendliest staff members I’ve met so far and is currently the Supervisor of Security at NVM.  From […] more »

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