Children’s Home


After starting the education program for young people in Chambrun, Pastor Pierre and his wife Dianne became aware of children who had no home. They were actual physical orphans or they fell under the category of economic orphans. Either their parents were dead, they were abandoned or their parents did not have the resources to take care of them. No matter the reason, these children were in desperate need of full-time care. In 2008 NVM rented a facility in Chambrun and started taking care of some of these children.

Current Ministry

NVM is continuing to take care of children who have no home.  A children’s home on the Chambrun campus provides love to 11 children with the potential for 48.

Children’s Home Goals

The goal of the NVM children’s home is to provide a place for children to live where they can experience a “home environment” and not just exist in a building. We want the children to experience the love and care that other children experience in a healthy family situation with a mother and father.

When making the decision about who will be selected, both real and economic orphans will be considered. A real orphan has lost their parents. And when a family is simply not able to care for a child, they become an economic orphan.