Social Assistance – Disaster Relief


After the earthquake a large amount of disaster relief aid was shipped to NVM where the vast majority of this aid was distributed to families in desperate need. As the disaster relief need began to subside, the amount of aid distributed also went down.

Current Ministry

Over the past two years aid as been distributed as the need is perceived. It is self-evident to most that people living in poverty need food, pure water, clothing and adequate medications. But this area of the NVM ministry is difficult water to navigate. Many see the need before them and the aid that is available and provide a simple solution. Just give it away! However, this solution can actually be harmful. Simply giving aid away without forethought of who is receiving it can promote the cycle of poverty.

With that said, there are people who are desperate and have no means of helping themselves. The scriptures are clear in teaching us that we need to help these people.

For others, developing a process where people make a personal investment in the aid they are receiving is required. If they pay even a small amount for the aid or contribute work in exchange for aid dependency is less likely to occur, their self-esteem will increase and they will be motivated to improve their lives.

NVM will continue to investigate and implement strategies to both help people in need and to increase their involvement in the process.

General Assistance Goals

NVM is committed to helping people who have a genuine need for homes, food, clothing and other aid. This includes the elderly, widows and others who have no means of support or assistance. However, this program will be administered in line with NVM’s philosophy of building people’s dignity by not giving most something for nothing. However, those who are truly helpless we will help!

Social assistance activities may include building or repairing houses, planting gardens, or providing food and clothes. NVM may also get involved in doing projects for the community. Drilling wells, installing water purification systems and playgrounds are on that list.

Whenever possible, the recipients of aid or projects will be selected through the leadership of the local church. In Chambrun the leadership of Nehemiah Worship Chapel will help make these decisions. In other communities NVM will work through partnership churches.