Women’s Empowerment – Project Hope

Equipping Haitians to support themselves is central to NVM’s philosophy of ministry. And because so many Haitian ladies do not have a husband in the home, it is up to them to support their families. A number of years ago, NVM decided that one of the best options for accomplishing this goal was to teach craft-making skills and then to sell the craft items being produced.

This ministry, Project Hope,  has grown significantly over the years. Currently there are over 60 ladies who are actively engaged in this enterprise and are making an income adequate to support their families. The craft items include beautiful baskets created by wrapping rope with cloth and then sewing the covered rope in a basket. They are also cutting and wrapping cardboard to create beautiful beads. These beads are varnished and used to created necklaces and bracelets.

The craft items created are either sold in the Project Hope Gift Shop on the NVM campus or brought to the United States to be sold in gift shops, churches or home gatherings.

This is a wonderful ministry that is not only allowing people to self supporting but is also changing attitudes about the future. It is providing a sense of hope and well being that is truly changing lives.

Want to help empower these women?

  • Send in needed supplies
  • Host a Project Hope Party
  • Become a financial partner

For more information: [email protected]