Agricultural Program

Farming was common in Haiti in years gone by. However, because of difficult times, farming was for the most part abandoned for quicker ways to make an income to provide for families. So the younger generation doesn’t see farming as an option.


They don’t have the skills, and in most cases, don’t even believe it is possible.

NVM is committed to overcoming these faulty beliefs and show the new generation that farming, even on a small scale, is possible and can provide the food necessary to feed their families and communities.

Over the past few years, NVM has been experimenting with different crops and techniques for growing food. And as these tests prove to be successful, a growing number of people in the surrounding communities are beginning to see how growing their own food is possible.

NVM has a large field where crops are being grown. But we are also experimenting with small garden plots. And while some of the irrigation techniques require pump driven water distribution systems, manual, low-tech solutions are also being tested. Systems that are affordable and quite possible for families living in Chambrun and other surrounding communities.

We currently have four program objectives for the agriculture program.

  • Demonstrate that the soil is good and that food can be grown locally
  • Empower the Haitians to learn to raise food for themselves (whether for personal consumption or sale)
  • Supply the Nehemiah Vision Ministries kitchens with healthy food and offset food expenses.
  • Market (sell) any overage produce with the money coming back into the agriculture project for expansion and/or improvement.

We are excited to see the interest growing in planting garden plots and will continue to train and encourage local citizens to grow their own food to feed their families.