English Training Program

For many years NVM has been committed to providing a solid Christian education for young people in Chambrun and in other surrounding communities. And learning English is part of the education process. However, English is a challenging language to learn and is even harder to become conversational. NVM realized this challenge and created the summer English camp to meet the need.

For the past two summers during the month of July, NVM invites young people in the area to enroll in a four-month intensive English learning experience. Each summer nearly 200 young people attend the camp which goes beyond simply learning English.

While learning and speaking English is the main emphasis of the summer camp, the students also are taught from God’s Word, are fed and are involved in a variety of craft and athletic experiences. It is a wonderful opportunity that goes beyond learning English to developing their walk with the Lord and their character.

For each camp, mission teams and summer interns come to NVM to assist the the various activities. This is a wonderful way for families and students to invest part of their summer to make a huge impact on the lives of these Haitian young people. Learning English and developing in other areas of their lives will better prepare them to be productive citizens in Haiti who can really make a difference in the future of the country.