Nehemiah Christian Academy


Even from the beginning of the school it was important to Pastor Pierre and his wife Dianne that the children not only increase head knowledge but also learn about Christian values and develop Christian character. It is all too easy to teach children to become “smarter thieves.” We desire to produce well-trained young people who will be productive citizens. The school desires to produce young people who will become part of the solution, and not part of the problem. Our goal is to train children to become capable adults who are committed to living a full life in Jesus.

A key element required to break the cycle of poverty is education. To fulfill this mission Nehemiah Christian Academy offers high-quality education from the preschool level through grade 10. We will add a grade each year until completion of High School.

Earlier in the ministry plan we detailed the beginning of the school to describe the start of the church. NVM has been operating Nehemiah Christian Academy since 2005. It started with only 25 students in a small building in Chambrun. Since then it has grown to a student body of over 400.

Current Ministry

Nehemiah Christian Academy (NCA) currently offers a quality education through the 10th grade. Classes are taught in French, according to Haiti’s education laws.  The school is run by Haitian teachers and administrators. There is a school pastor who oversees the school as well. The curriculum used is Bible-based, offering Biblical training along with basic education.

There are over 400 children currently enrolled in NCA. Each of these children pays a small fee to attend NCA. The fees are for the purchase of books, uniforms, and administration cost. NVM works to pair each child with a sponsor who can help with these costs. The sponsorship program exists to connect the students with someone who will pray for them, encourage them, and partner with them in their education goals. The sponsor donates $40 per month to NVM in the name of the student. This covers the cost to run the school, lunch each school day, overhead cost, medical care on our campus, and a portion of the expenses for books and uniforms.