NVM Trade School

The trade school will be designed for members of the community who want to learn a trade to become productive. However, it will also be a launch pad for students coming out of Nehemiah Christian Academy. A young person with an education but no marketable skill will have no chance of advancing his life to become productive and provide for his family. So some of the students will move into the trade school after leaving the academy.

Potential areas of skill development include mason work, cabinetry, computer science, music production, woodworking, farming, computer training, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, welding, and culinary arts. Marketability will be a significant factor in selecting skills areas to be taught. If someone is not employable, a training program will not help!

And this area will provide potential partnership with professionals from other countries. There will be ample opportunities to come to Haiti to train and mentor Haitians.