VBS Training

Conducting a Daily Vacation Bible Study program, or VBS, is a proven way to reach out to kids. If designed and conducted properly, kids are motivated to attend to learn from the Bible and to have a great time. It is a wonderful way for kids to spend part of their time off from school during the summer. And kids in Haiti are no different than kids in other countries of the world. They like to pay together, they like to learn, and snacks and crafts are also a draw.

For years NVM has been inviting mission teams to come to Haiti to conduct VBS programs. Timed with Haitian school vacations, the VBS programs are very popular and impactful on the students. They love to attend. Kids around the world are attracted to having a great time, being challenged to learn and to have the opportunity to express their creative side. And providing a good snack doesn’t hurt.

Mission teams that have come in the past have provided very creative opportunities for students. These programs are especially effective because it gives students a chance to learn in non-classroom experiences. Engaging all of their senses is attractive to them, but also helps them learn better. NVM will continue to provide opportunities for teams to come to Haiti to work with kids. They are waiting for you.

VBS is an incredible tool in Haiti.  Each year, NVM hosts teams to run VBS in various villages around our campus. Our goal is to partner with local Haitian churches and minister to their children, while empowering them to carry on the children’s ministry. The church, then, is expected to follow up with the children who come to VBS.

The VBS should be simple, focusing on gospel truths and Bible stories. In order to remain culturally relevant, NVM will provide a VBS preparation guide to help direct the team in their planning.