We are looking for Volunteers to partner with us

Expanding God’s Kingdom and being his hands and feet is a big job. A job in Haiti that we can’t possibly do alone. Partnerships go beyond financials and gifts-in-kind. While these gifts are extremely important, we also cherish your personal involvement. No matter what the commitment in terms of time, your involvement will change lives. Haitian lives will be changed and your life will be changed forever. We invite you to come and minister with us.


Short-Term Missions/Teams

Teams are coming to Haiti to work at NVM throughout the year. Consider gathering a group of friends from your church and forming a short-term mission team. Among other things, teams come to conduct medical clinics, work with kids doing VBS programs, work in our agriculture program and conduct sports clinics. There is always more to do. Come to Haiti for a week. You will be changed forever!

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College students and other young professionals are often looking for mission opportunities that are not full-time but longer than a week or two. NVM provides 3 to 6 month service internships that are often scheduled over the summer months or other long breaks in their schooling or work. If this peeks your interest let us challenge to click below for more information. God might be calling you to spend a few months that will affect the rest of your life.

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US Opportunities

All international missions require a support back home. And NVM is no exception. We have full-time missionaries and volunteers in various locations in the United States who have assumed a variety of responsibilities.  We have people doing administration, graphic design, website development, church presentation, coordinating logistics and coordinating social media. And there are many we have not mentioned. If you have a few hours available each week we would like to talk with you about investing them with NVM. Even a short time each week can make a huge difference! For more information, click below.

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