Short-Term Missions/Teams

Short Term Missions (STM) teams are an integral part of Nehemiah Vision Ministries. Jesus issued the Great Commission as an applicable mandate to the entire body of Christ. He’s called us to make disciples as a normal part of our everyday life, whatever we do, wherever it is that we go. This isn’t work exclusively for the ‘professional’ missionaries or ministers, but to include all members of our body – the laity, non-professionals, the real people of the Church. Our desire is to partner with churches, organizations, and individuals who are seeking to make an investment in expanding the Kingdom of God.

Our vision is to see Haitians living productive lives and rebuilding Haiti. A vital part of this vision is STM involvement. Teams are helping us build toward this vision through our four pillars of Leadership Development, Education, Healthcare, and Economic Empowerment. Supporting all of our pillars, and ultimately our vision, is a foundation of Spiritual Development. The activities of Short Term Missions Teams during their time at Nehemiah Vision Ministries support this mission and vision. Some teams focus their ministry in one of these pillars, while other teams’ activities include a blend of several. So, whether a team runs a medical clinic, helps us build a house, or runs a week of English Camp, they are helping us bring people from darkness to light; from hopelessness to eternal life!

For more information contact us: team[email protected]!