Mobile Medical Clinics


Medical teams from the United States began coming to NVM in Haiti to offer medical checkup and treatment to the students of Nehemiah Christian Academy. The 2010 earthquake dramatically increased the need for medical teams. Once the disaster-related need decreased, it became evident that those living in displacement camps needed ongoing medical attention; therefore NVM continues to facilitate medical mission teams.

Current Ministry

There are many individuals living in communities surrounding NVM who are physically unable to come to the NVM Campus Clinic. On a regular basis, medical mission teams come to NVM to conduct mobile medical clinics. They set up these clinics in community churches or other local facilities. The purpose of the clinics is to provide general medical checkups and care. More difficult or complex cases are referred to local clinics or hospitals.

Mobile Medical Clinic Goals

Moving into the future NVM will be recruiting an increasing number of medical mission teams to conduct mobile medical clinics. The need is great and we want to offer as much medical attention as we can with the personnel and resources available.