NVM Health Center

Current Ministry

The events surrounding the 2010 earthquake, the NVM Health Clinic and the mobile medical clinics have all clearly indicated the need for a more comprehensive healthcare facility in the Chambrun area. Several post-disaster partners have made a facility possible & the Outpatient Clinic, Nutrition Clinic and Dental Clinic are now operating on campus.

NVM Health Center Goals

The NVM health center currently houses the outpatient clinic, providing basic healthcare for the people living in the surrounding area, as well as nutrition and part time dental care. The health center will expand the healthcare options provided by offering a full range of natal care & minor surgical procedures.  The health center includes the outpatient clinic, an expanded pharmacy, laboratory services, nutrition clinic and dental clinic. It has greatly increased NVM’s capability to meet the healthcare needs of people living in Chambrun and the surrounding area.

Ongoing partnership with U.S. medical teams will be fostered to provide the ongoing and ever increasing medical services for the NVM constituency. This will include surgical teams, eye care specialists, dentists and other medical specialists.

We also view the health centerl as a teaching and training facility. Teams coming into the country will not only provide medical care and treatments, but will also be involved in training Haitian medical staff.