NVM Health Clinic


After starting the Nehemiah Christian Academy, it became evident that the kids were sick and needed attention. So NVM arranged for a medical mission team to visit the campus every 6 months. The teams would visit and set up a mobile medical clinic to attend to the physical needs of the students. But it also became evident that adults in Chambrun needed medical attention, as well. So the medical ministry expanded.

The only building available to conduct these clinics was the school itself. So whenever the teams were conducting clinics, school was closed for those days. And the demand grew!

In January of 2010 the earthquake struck and in the first six months after the earthquake, mobile medical teams from the United States saw 20,000 patients. During that time a permanent clinic building was constructed.

Current Ministry

And since the 2010 earthquake, NVM has offered medical services in a day clinic on the campus. Two Haitian physicians, two Haitian nurses, one nurse from the United States and a Haitian administrator currently staff the health clinic. Each day the clinic serves 50 to 70 patients who come with a wide range of physical problems.

NVM Health Clinic Goals

The NVM health clinic will continue to offer general medical services to the surrounding community.