We have raised $7,553.00 of our goal.

Join us in making sure students have access to education.

Due to civil unrest in 2019 and Covid in 2020 many of our students families have not been able to work consistently, therefore keeping many of them from being able to pay their tuition fees. You see, child sponsors pay a portion of the students tuition, but we feel it is important for families to have some "skin in the game" and contribute toward their child's education. BUT, many are just not able to right now and well that means families may choose to not send their children back to school when we start back up later in August.  Some will choose to use those funds to feed their families, some will see that having the kiddos home to help work will be easier than trying to find the money for tuition. While we want all families to invest into their child's education, we also do not want any student not returning due to the lack of funds. 

Therefore, we are creating a STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND and are asking you to join us with a gift of any size to help us reach a goal of $10,000.   This fund will be used by the school to assist students who are most in need to pay or help pay their tuition debts. The school leaders will work with each family on a case by case basis to determine their level of need and we will use community service & tutoring as a way to give back. For example, if an older student needs assistance they might be asked to tutor a younger student in the school. Or younger students and family members may be asked to do community service by cleaning up on campus or in the village as a way to give back.