Our goal is to celebrate the first 50 years of Esperandieu Pierre’s life by investing in his home village of Grand Rac. We hope to honor his work thus far in ministry by raising $50,000 in 50 days; Sept 5th – Oct 24th.  Would you join us in celebrating all that Pastor is and all that he gives to help move people from where they are to where God intends them to be?

All gifts will be designated for projects in his home village of Grand Rac – investing

in education in the grade school Pastor attended and a facility for teams for

overnight stays in Grand Rac. Pastor Pierre & Nehemiah Vision Ministries are committed

to pouring into the children and people of Grand Rac.


JOIN AARON & SHELLI in celebrating Pastor Pierre’s 50th Birthday!

Aaron & Shelli Elliott
I have heard Pastor describe his life to groups that it is like a turtle on a 35ft high fence post. How does a turtle get on a fence post? Well someone has to put it there. I think he personifies God’s grace in a person’s life, combined with a determination, a stick-to-it-tiveness, like Pastor has worked really hard in his life as well. To see firsthand and experience the place where he’s come from, to see

who he is today, and there’s this proverb that I always think of Pastor when I hear it; When the righteous prosper a city rejoices. When Pastor prospers there are children who are getting an education. There are thousands of people who receive health care, there are starving children who literally get life back. To me, he personifies this hope, this walk with God that makes a tangible difference in the world.  For me personally, it is motivating, it is encouraging, Pastor Pierre has had a tremendous impact on my life. Our family chooses to invest with NVM because Pastor is this man that is so filled with God and the Spirit. When he asks you, you just want to say yes. 

Join us in celebrating Pastor Pierre’s Birthday with a gift today.