Pastor Pierre’s 50th Birthday Celebration

It is a Season of Celebration!  Pastor Pierre is turning 50 years old in 50 days and in honor of this season we want to raise $50,000 to invest into Pastor’s home village of Grand Rac. Would you consider investing in the village of Grand Rac?  With your birthday gift we will be investing in Education in the village that Pastor Pierre grew up in and his parents still reside.  As well we will invest in a place where future teams can stay in order to bring; medical care, spiritual development, and so much more to this untouched village of Grand Rac.

Why are we looking to celebrate this Jubilee birthday with such a BIG investment?  

  • It is a BIG deal to reach the age of 50 in Haiti, it is like turning 100 here in the states.
  • Pastor would like ALL of the children in Grand Rac to have the privilege of an EDUCATION so that they can discover their potential and become God’s best for their lives.
  • We want to honor the sacrifices Pastor & Dianne have made over the years for the people of Haiti. This is a beautiful way to say THANK YOU to the Pierre’s for their lifetime of Kingdom building.


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