The Gardens are growing

For years, NVM has discussed the possibility of growing food. The thought was three fold. First, we could use the produce to feed the staff and teams that come to NVM. This would save money and provide freshness to the menu. Second, we could sell the grown items to earn income. And third is probably the most important. We could use the NVM faciltity to teach people in local communities how to grow their food. This would allow them to feed their families and to produce income to support their families.

GAiN Farm & Well August 2013-7 IMG_2458 IMG_2487 IMG_3577 IMG_8642

Well, the process is in full swing. Pastor Pierre is working with staff member Brian Bergen along with a number of Haitian staff to accomplish these goals. And the results are amazing. In just a few short months we are seeing results.

Please pray for this effort. It is have tremendous effect on the staff of NVM and people living in nearby communities.

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