NVM Adopts Gran Rac Academy


grand racNehemiah Vision Ministries is proud to announce the adoption of the Grand Rac Academy- Institution Chretienne Mixte Joseph Luquerne Pierre.  This school of 200 students has been running in the Artibonite Valley for 46 years when they were faced with closing the doors.  Grand Rac is where Pastor Pierre is from and hence he had a true understanding of what education can mean to a child in this area.  NVM is excited to announce a Child Sponsorship Program for Grand Rac.  Will you join us &  invest in the life of a child in Grand Rac? SPONSOR TODAY

Watch this short video and understand why investing today can change the life of a child.

Pastor Pierre, “Let’s get busy, get through school, let’s study, let’s develop good Christian values, let’s stick to the word of God and we’ll become the person that God has always intended for us to be.”

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