New Hospital Nears Completion

There’s excitement on Nehemiah’s campus as the final phases of finishing the hospital are underway.  The roof and walls have all been completed, and the many rooms that fill the building have already been purposed.  Only a few more steps are needed to finish furnishing the hospital, and then its operations will begin, giving new purpose to the clinic building.  Take a look at the progress!


As you can see, the rooms are ready to be filled with medical supplies and eager healthcare workers.  One of the new services provided will be dental care, in which space for three dentistry chairs has been allocated.  The pharmacy will be located at the end of the building, making it more convenient for patients who are leaving to receive their medicine.  Additionally, a paved road is going to be added in front of the hospital for easier access to it.


So, the next step is laying all of these tiles down on the floor prior to moving in the equipment.

One of our interns definitely has his work cut out for him!
One of our interns definitely has his work cut out for him!

You’ll be interested to hear about what the old clinic building is going to become.  The picture below displays the building that is currently being used for the healthcare clinic, but (hopefully) in the fall, if the hospital becomes fully functional, this building will be added to the school system.


Currently the Nehemiah Vision Ministries School Program educates children up to sixth grade.  However, NVM will be able to start educating seventh graders because of the clinic’s space and the growing amount of students attending the school.

It’s important to see how one ministry’s growth can expand another ministry as well, continuing NVM’s vision of bringing people from darkness to light and hopelessness into eternal life.



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