NVM Clinic Provides Family Healthcare Services – Including Malnutrition Program

Mikenson, seven months of age, was admitted into the malnutrition program on July 22nd at 7.28 lbs.  The circumference of his arm was the size of a quarter.  Mikenson’s parents have seven children, two which have died.  His father works in a garden and his mother sells things in the local market.  Mikenson is a twin and his twin brother is developmentally appropriate and is very chunky.  Upon admission Mikenson had no head control and no energy to laugh, smile, or even play.  Mikenson was given infant formula, Plumpy Nut (medically fortified peanut butter paste for children with severe or moderate acute malnutrition), and a follow up appointment for every two weeks.  His parents were very concerned because they saw just how vastly different Mikenson was from his twin brother.  They knew that Mikenson was very sick and they were willing to do whatever was needed in order to help him live.

His parents have fought for him and already in just five weeks he has gained 3.28 lbs.!  His father now proudly tells us how Mikenson has started to laugh and smile.  He also told us that Mikenson now has energy to play with his twin brother!  Each child in the malnutrition program has a story.  Little Mikenson has parents that love him so very much and they have chosen to fight for him.  Every two weeks they faithfully leave their home up in the mountain to come to the clinic at NVM for his malnutrition appointment.  Mikenson has already grown so much in just a few short weeks and we are excited to watch him as he continues to grow and gain weight.  Our desire is to see each child in the program not only survive but to truly thrive.  At each appointment we tell the parents in the malnutrition program that there is a group of people who are praying for each child and family by name.  It is amazing to watch as the Lord truly transforms the children and their families week by week.  Thank you for your continued prayers for all of our kiddos in the malnutrition program.

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