Youth Camp – Breaking Tradition


Although the Youth Camp is an annual tradition for Nehemiah Vision Ministries and has been enjoyed for years, this year was the first year that the camp activity was fully funded by the local church, with no outside donor or partnership support. Praise the Lord…Our Pastor Esperandieu Pierre is encouraging the church just as the early church to bring their limited resources together to bring glory to God.

Pastor Pierre and leaders from Nehemiah Vision Ministries took the Youth on their annual Youth Camp this past week.  Camp is a spiritual retreat activity the church holds every year for the youth and other church members. The purpose of the camp is to drag the youth’s attention away from Carnival, a popular pagan holiday, to focus on the Word of God. The youth visit new places in Haiti, have fellowship building activities, dive into devotions and participate in seminars prepared primarily by our church leaders.  This camp is critical for protection of and continued spiritual development of our youth and the next generation of leaders.

Continued prayers in support of our Youth in their spiritual, educational & leadership development is appreciated.

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