Grace Church

Grace Church exists to change the world, in Jesus’ name. Other organizations, like Nehemiah Vision Ministries, share in this mission by bringing healing to our broken world. In order to fulfill our purpose as a church and to engage our people in God’s mission, we enter into partnership with many organizations around the world. When our partners succeed in bringing healing to the world through the engagement of our people, Grace Church wins. When our people become passionate about God and his work in the world, everyone wins. Because, together, we can change the world. Grace Church partners with NVM specifically by sending 2-4 short term trips each year, training and support for both long and short term staff members, and yearly financial gifts. Grace has been honored to send multiple people to serve as long term staff in various positions at NVM in Haiti. Our members are active on several NVM boards and committees and continue to raise support in both finances and resources for the organization.