Church Partnerships


After the earthquake in January of 2010 over 200,000 people were displaced into a makeshift community on the base of a mountain. It was named Onaville. Onaville is situated only 10 miles from NVM and soon land was purchased and a church was established under a tent. Medical teams were sent there to provide medical attention to the residents. Then in December 2011 NVM helped plant a church on the site. In 2012 a much larger tent was put up to accommodate the rapidly growing congregation.

Since June of 2012, NVM has been sponsoring a monthly pastor’s conference on the NVM campus. On average, 70 pastors attend the conference. Good relationships have been formed with many of these pastors. As the Lord leads, some of these relationships will serve as the foundation of future partnerships.

Current Ministry

Currently the church in Onaville has a weekly attendance of over 500 people. A water well has been drilled and the church provides purified water to the community at a greatly reduced rate. Additional land has been purchased and a wall of stone is being built around the property.

NVM is also committed to developing partnerships with other churches in the area around NVM. The goal of these partnerships is to learn from each other, support what they are doing and to discover opportunities for NVM mission teams to do projects.

Church Partnership Goals

As the Lord leads, an additional church may be planted. We will not go into an area with an existing church ministry. We will seek out an area where a church is needed and currently does not exist.

Springing from the group of pastors attending the month conference, NVM will partner with local churches to encourage them to do what they do and to promote cohesion in the Christian community. But as partnerships are formed, we need to keep the distinctives of NVM clear.

We will get to know our partners better and talk to them about how we can work together and learn from each other. We need to make sure their doctrine is Biblical and that they have a vision for their own ministry.
We will identify pastors who are faithful, have a plan, have a structure around them and have a history of growth. We will have many friends but only a few partners. NVM will be looking to partner with churches that have a solid vision of what God will do in their communities. Our partners must “lead the charge” in pursuing their own goals. We will provide some support, training, personnel and resources required to get the job done.

Our goal is to inject the NVM philosophy of spiritual development into the partner churches. Many of these churches will have similar visions, they just need somebody to give them a boost. In this way we will multiply our impact on the nation of Haiti.

NVM may also send short-term teams to our partner churches to help them in a variety of ways.