Nehemiah Worship Chapel


Nehemiah Worship Chapel was not originally intended as a church, but as a children’s Sunday school. The story of Nehemiah Worship Chapel does not begin with the start of a church. Initially, the goal was not to launch a church but rather to help young people in need. In the early 90’s Pastor Pierre and his wife Dianne were visiting Chambrun and saw a young 13-year old girl nursing her baby. They felt strongly that young people like this should be in school, so they committed some of their own money to start a school and the education pillar was born. They invested $200 to hire 4 teachers, paying them $50 per month. Shortly thereafter, a small school building in Chambrun was provided without charge. This all began in 2004.

Within the first 2 years 100 kids were attending school. That is when Pastor Pierre started to buy land near Chambrun. Many of the Chambrun residents thought this was his exiting plan, and that he was going to abandon his efforts in Chambrun to begin something new. He assured them that he was not. He began clearing out his new land, which was hard work and took a while, but on that land is where the current NVM school building was constructed.

The Pierre’s became aware that while the kids were being educated, they had nothing to do on Sunday. It was decided that a children’s church should begin. So on January 1, 2008 they started a church for 35 children. 85 came! On the third Sunday the adults who were bringing the kids were standing outside looking in. They were invited inside to worship and to learn. Then on January 1, 2008 the church started in the courtyard of the NVM school building.

Current Ministry

And we believe that at the core of alleviating poverty is the restoration of relationships with God the Father. The answer to this need is found in God’s Word, and it is through the local church that the Word of God is taught and administered. NVM is committed to evangelism, discipleship, equipping others to multiply themselves and to developing spiritual leaders.

To fulfill this part of the mission, NVM has started Nehemiah Worship Chapel on the Chambrun campus. Each Sunday over 400 people from Chambrun and other location communities gather for worship. A video feed of the service is also streamed over the Internet each week. A growing number of people are joining the Sunday service online.

Nehemiah Worship Chapel is an evangelical, Bible-based church that encourages exuberant worship, active outreach and daily dependence on God.

NVM believes that people need to be ministered to and grow spiritually. Nehemiah Worship Chapel will focus on the following four areas:

  • Evangelism – Win people to the Lord
  • Discipleship – Help people grow in their faith
  • Multiplication – Making new disciples
  • Leadership Development – Producing leaders for the future

To support these areas of focus, the church will have strong worship, Sunday school for all ages, solid teaching and Bible study and a spiritual leadership program.

Nehemiah Worship Chapel Goals

The goal is to have a well-established church with strong programs, curriculum and leaders. This will facilitate the growth of a strong church and will make it feasible to start churches elsewhere.

To accomplish these areas of focus we need to more fully develop these programs and find qualified people to head them up:

  • To hire a full-time pastor for Nehemiah Worship Chapel on the NVM campus.
  • To raise up strong spiritual leaders.
  • To equip the members of the church for ministry and life, a well-establish training curriculum is needed at all levels. Learning God’s Word and understanding how to apply it to life is of absolute importance.
  • A purposed program for young people, Brigade has recently been started, which is key to teaching youth God’s Word and how to live responsible and disciplined lives. The program is designed and run to help young people develop dignity and self worth in an environment that promotes neither. This program will be supported and expanded.