City Life Church Wichita

City Life Church Day 4

So NVM, Haiti Day 4. City Life serves NVM English Camp. We are so excited to finally get in there and have some time with the kids from Chambrun. As a Haiti returner, this has been a completely different trip […] more »

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City Life: Day Three

City Life: Day 3 The aroma is that of a short-term mission trip. A pungent fog hangs over this place between the dry and arid climate and a charcoal pit down-wind from us. The soccer field does not possess a […] more »

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City Life : Day One

When I first arrived here, I wasn’t exactly sure what my journey would look like. Would I be broken, tired, joyous..I was afraid that I wouldn’t learn anything. Yet, here I am on workday 3, knowing God has an amazing […] more »

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