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Two Steps Back... One Step Forward?

Now we know what you are thinking: "That's not how the phrase goes!" But allow us the change it up a bit just this once.

After a difficult season which included protests, evacuations, and campus fires we wanted to share some really good news with you. We are overjoyed to let you know that all of our missionary staff are back to their homes on campus! Some were ready and able to come back as soon as the NVM board and Directors gave approval, and some needed a little more time to plan and make adjustments, but in either case we are so happy to welcome our staff team back to Haiti!

"It feels so very right to be home. To be back with the staff we have a privilege of serving alongside of, (or) sitting in church with friends from our community who have become like family. Even seeing the school students line up and hearing them recite lessons during the day- brings hope to the next generation." - Brooke Smalley

Brooke went on to say that although it felt right to be back home, that campus is "so very quiet" without the spring break teams we are used to, and that our Haitian staff have even commented that they miss the energy and excitement teams usually bring during this season.

While we miss the teams dearly we are also so very proud of everything they've gone on to do despite the severe change of plans. We've heard that several have been able to re-direct their teams to other counties and locations to serve wherever God led them. We've even seen photos of a few "Haiti" shirts in Nicaragua!

We are looking forward to hearing the stories of all God continues to do through these teams and through our own team in these upcoming months.

Thank you again to all of our NVM family for your continued prayers over Haiti, her people, and our ministry. You all continue to be a source of joy and encouragement to us!

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