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Family Health Clinic:

After Nehemiah Christian Academy was born it became apparent that there were major healthcare needs alongside the educational ones. The original plan to meet those needs was to have a mobile medical team visit campus every 6 months to provide exams and medicines for those in need of them. Soon after that plan was enacted NVM realized the need was much larger than those teams could handle, and the medical ministry expanded.

The NVM Family Health Clinic is now open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the year; seeing 50 to 80 patients on average each day. Our clinic is able to provide care for all ages; from infants all the way up to the elderly. 

Nutrition Clinic:

Among the many chronic health issues we see in our area, malnutrition is among the more insidious. Our stand alone Nutrition clinic sees from 30-50+ patients at an given time, and has the joy of seeing children "graduate" out of the program each month!

The first goal of this program is to move each child out of "crisis mode", with the ultimate goal of then seeing weight gain at every appointment. Each child's time in the program will vary depending on the severity of their case, but graduation is achieved by hitting the markers of 15% gain in body weight, a standard deviation of -1 on the height versus weight scale, and complete reduction of swelling (from kwashiorkor). 

To hear more about the heart of this program, and the impact it has on our surrounding area, check out the video below!

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