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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Developing strong spiritual leaders is one of the most effective ways to facilitate change in Haiti. If we have individuals fully equipped to lead in the church, in the home, and in the workplace tangible change is sure to follow. 

NVM is actively working with pastors in the surrounding community through our pastoral training program. The goal of this program is to help equip the current generation with the tools they need to provide strong and sound spiritual leadership for Haiti. About once a month a training conference is held where we see on average, 65 pastors in attendance. These men are eager to learn more and dive deeper in their faith so that they can in turn help their congregations to do the same.

Another area where you see NVM’s leadership development pillar in action is our Brigade program. This youth program is conducted in churches and schools worldwide; some have characterized it as “Christian Boy Scouts”, but we believe is to be so much more!

Brigade provides a space for our young men and women to learn and grow in all areas of life, alongside Godly adult leaders there to train and encourage them on the path. 

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