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Class of 2022 Graduation

THANK YOU!  Thank you for walking alongside of us and giving generously so that these students could have access to an excellent education. We want you to understand this was more than just a formal recognition or party for this class.  We truly believe that to most of this class this ceremony was the time to purely celebrate and outwardly acknowledge all that the Lord has done and is doing in their lives. Chains were broken as each student stepped forth and received their diplomas.  The feat to arrive to this day is something that could not have happened alone. They needed a community to surround them both in prayer, financially, and also just in real life ways. They needed people to walk with them on this journey because doing something completely new and something that hasn’t been done for generation after generation takes so much courage and strength.  Each student fought so hard and this class truly grew into an amazing group of young men and women.  Among them are strong leaders and speakers. There are others who are much more quiet and yet every bit as faithful in showing up to serve and love and care for the younger students.  This class was not just a group of random kids, rather they became family who supported and uplifted one another. They chose to link arms and arrive at the finish line together and we truly believe they set an amazing example to each class behind them.

Nothing about the path of the current graduating class and the ones to come is or will be easy. Honestly, it is completely uphill and yet the Lord is using each and every one of their stories to grow and mold them into vessels for Him. Join us in prayer that as they go out- whether that be a formal university, trade school, job, etc. that they would go in love. That the light that is within them would shine and that they would continue to be bold in living for Him.

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