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Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp was a success with; English camp, culinary & cooking, drivers education and so much more.  Over 100 participants worked hard learning a new skill, received a nutritious lunch and snacks, and had fun with their friends.

Summer Camp is a staple on the NVM campus, but the last several years it has looked a bit different as we have not had teams on campus running and organizing all of the fun and instruction. Although we miss our teams and their creativity, it has allowed us to turn to our Haitian students and leaders and let them run with leading summer camp. They have done a great job and our students look forward to camp every summer. 

English Camp continues to be a fun experience for our younger students. The registration fills up quickly in anticipation of all the fun, the snacks, and of course the silly songs to help them learn English. Many of our older students who have learned English in Summer Camp come back to help teach the younger kiddos. It is fun to see the fruits of our labor.

Cooking camp had the students learning to make Haitian meals along with some fun items like, homemade fritters & donuts.  The class was taught by none other than Manmie Claude who we all know and love as she fed all visitors at the NVM campus for many many years. This year we even had a few young men join in the cooking class. The food industry in Haiti is a big one, and we are excited to know that our students have been exposed to the proper techniques and etiquette.

For the second year in a row we provided the older students an opportunity to participate in drivers education.  This class required that we bring in a proper teacher for the classroom and the hands on portion of drivers education.  If you are like me I am wondering if they also taught them how to properly use their horn, because well in Haiti we all know you need to know how to lay on that horn.

In addition we provided some fun for the students and had a string art project to fill in the time gaps. Many students were super creative and used their artistic talents to create some master pieces. 

A big thank you goes out to the Thompson family for making this possible for our students for 2022.

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