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Madam Natacha

Madam Natacha

Madam Natacha is the director of the Nehemiah Christian Academy. She has been with us for 10 years and has been a true gift to our students, teachers, and school. Mme Natacha is married with two boys of her own.  The education system in Haiti is not easy, it is often very difficult for the students and their families to pay, to buy books and uniforms, but Natacha firmly believes in what the NVM Academy is doing . She remembers a specific student who had a choice of dropping out of school or becoming an outlaw.  Natacha and other leaders spoke with the student, shared with him the risks of not following school rules, not working hard in his studies, and they prayed for him.  The student came around, asked for forgiveness and shared how loved he felt by the school and its leaders.  He didn't quite understand why they fought so hard for him to stay in school, but he was so very thankful.  This example is why Mme Natacha is so invested in our students, in our school. 

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